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ideas for aviation (ifa) is a special kind of consulting firm  - specializing in the needs of the air transport industry. The consultants each have their own area of expertise in the aviation business, together they all add up to your company´s success.

ifa continuously develop its expertise and resources further to ensure that our clients always reach their intended destinations - successfully, economically and without detours.


your task

assigning task to individual experts with special knowledge & expertise

our solution

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Business Management & Development

market and development analysis for airports, airlines and the aviation industry

reorganization of existing business structures, airport charges and tariff manuals



ideas for aviation
Owner: Dr. Achim Leder

Falkenried 42 | D-20251 Hamburg


phone | +49 40 209 144 39
e-mail | mail@ideas-for-aviation.de
web | www.ideas-for-aviation.de

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- Quarterly get-together


- Representatives of the aviation industry


- Networking


- Research topics


- Communication & exchange


Join the pool of aviation partners and we will keep you updated of upcoming events.

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ideas for aviation (ifa) identifies growth opportunities, supports you making contact with relevant business partners and measures your success. Comprehensive, up-to-date data and a wide network within the sector further enhance our portfolio.

Dr. Achim Leder

Managing Partner



Strategy Consultant

Lena Schauerte

Network Development

Felix Priebe

Marketing &

Sales Consultant

Our experts have years of experience in international air travel and are familiar with the viewpoints of airports and airlines. That is what distinguishes ifa from typical consulting companies.

Marketing &

Sales Management

support in route network, development & marketing for airports and airlines

B2B marketing, international sales & customer relationship management

Network &



support in lobby activities, Think Tank: networking, parliamentary discussions communication & exchange,

research topics